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Roof Maintenance Overview

  • Roof Maintenance ServiceInspect shingles for curling, cracking, blistering, and other signs of wear, and replace damaged shingles.
  • Inspect for mold, mildew, and fungus growths, and install zinc control strips if necessary.
  • Inspect for rust around metal, and brush, prime, and paint minor areas.
  • Inspect flashing and make sure its securely fastened. Remove old caulk and clean before resealing.
  • Reseal cracked areas around the boots, vents, and chimney.

Signs that its time for a roof maintenance

roof maintenance signsThere are signs you can look for that will indicate that its time for a roof maintenance. An obvious sign is if you notice any form of leaking. Leaking can come from internal parts of the roof, and can sometimes be hard to identify. Look for signs like brown spots in your ceiling, or areas that look like they have mold, or mildew growth in them.

A sagging roof is a sign that there might be a problem with the insulation, or ventilation of the roof. Have a professional contractor check that you have plenty of good insulation, and that the ventilation is working properly. Good insulation, and ventilation will help reduce any extra moisture in your attic.

If your gutters don't seem to be working properly, it might be a sign that passageways are being blocked by debris, and need to be cleaned. Clean gutters insures that water is drained effectively from your roof.

Preventative roof maintenance means the goal of a maintenance is to keep small problems from developing into large one. When a company performs a maintenance service for you with the goal of finding problems early, it can save you money in the long run. Below are some of the things we look for when we perform our regular maintenances for our customers.

Our Roof Maintenance Service

  • A full inspection of your roof, and gutter system
  • A roof maintenance checklist is used to make sure nothing is left our
  • We re-seal of all pipe boots and vents, and, identified leaks we find.
  • We replace damaged or missing shingles
  • Fix loose shingles caused by wind or nail pops
  • Secure flashing
  • roof maintenance guaranteeClean roof from debris
  • Fastened stack flashing
  • Secure flashing
  • Adjust gutters that are loose
  • Color sea vents and stacks that are worn
  • Inspect all valleys, and seal if necessary

Roof Repair

Roof repair service by professional roofing contractors with over 13 yeas in business. Regular roof maintenance to insure you avoid roof leak repair or more serious and expensive hazards. Remove and replace loose shingles from a previous wind storm and more. Contact us today for a free roof inspection.

Roof Replacement

Find out more about our replacements and learn how we’re different. Our certified roofing contractors will perform a complete inspection including wood decking, and draw up the a correct work scope for your needs. Regular roof maintenance will ensure your it lasts and prevent a roof leak repair.

Siding & Gutters

Siding and gutters repair and replacement service for vinyl, stone veneer and more by pro roofing contractors. Advanced color matching for replacing single panels or a complete side of a house. Gutter repair and gutter guard installations. Regular maintenance to available to help prevent a roof leak repair. Get a free inspection today.

Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance service will help you avoid many hazards that are expensive to repair and can quickly be avoided. Our roofing contractors can identify if water is getting beneath the shingle or tile and can be resolved by a simple roof leak repair without the need to the more costly parts of your roof.


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