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Roof Repair Overview

  • roof repair serviceComplete inspection of your roof system
  • Perform a complete roof repair, including any interior damage
  • Treat interior with anti-mold and fungus treatment
  • Perform a complete inspection for additional damage
  • Perform preventative repairs on areas to prevent problems from escalating

Why roof repairs are important

When you notice that theres something wrong with your roof, its time to call a professional. Major roof repairs can almost always be avoided. The trick is to catch problems early. A small untreated leak can easily turn into an expensive roof repair bill.

We're here to help. Our trained contractors know how to identify damage thats hard to identify by the untrained eye. When we perform a repair, our goal is to find and prevent small problems from escalating, saving you money in the long run.

Surface damage is hard to identity. Hail hits can produce enough damage to the surface of your shingles, that experts would recommend replacing them. If theres enough exposure to the layers underneath problem with your interior, including damage to the exterior layers of your roof can occur as storms pour over your home continuously combined with other weather elements.

roof leak serviceAs heavy storms pour in your area, layers underneath your shingles or tile are effected by the rain in so many ways. In extreme cases, water that is soaked into your wood deck, can cause the wood to rot. If a roof has wood rotting in the decking, a major roof repair job will be the only way to fix it, and can be pretty costly. Interior water damage, mold, and mildew are are also problems to worry about depending on the climate you live in. Like a tooth cavity, a roof damage only gets worse overtime if it goes untreated, and a homeowner should always perform small roof repairs at early stages of damage before problems get worse.

Be prepared for the stormy days ahead. Let our professional contractors inspect your roof, and repair your small problems now.

Our Roof Repair Service

leak free guaranteeThere are many common problems that our contractors find after an inspection that our roof repairs target. Loose flashing, Broken seals around vents, and pipe boots, shingles that are either cracked, curled at the end, or blistering, broken tiles, or slate, hail, and wind damage.

In addition to fixing your roof, our goal is to try to find early problems and prevent it from becoming serious. All roof repairs always include the following:

  • Fix all loose flashing, step flashing, and surrounding the chimney
  • Reseal pipe boots, and vents
  • Replace bad shingles, and make recommendation for manufacture defects
  • Replace damaged tile
  • Replace damaged slate

Roof Replacement

A complete replacement service performed right the first time by certified roofing contractors. We always replace every layer with impeccable accuracy no matter the condition including underlayment. Built to last so you avoid additional roof repair service down the road. Get a free roof inspection with a detail work scope.

Siding & Gutters

If you’re looking for full house siding and gutter repair and replacement service our team of roofing contractors has you covered. Options for vinyl wood and stone veneer all included. Gutter repair and installation included in our roof repair jobs. Complete color matching to help you save. Contact us today for details.

Roof Maintenance

Enjoy a complete hands-free maintenance service designed to prevent leaks and other roof repair issues from escalating. Our roofing contractors can customize a plan specific to your needs and can make sure your roof is doing its job correctly year round. Stopping small problems from becoming bigger will help you save.

Roof Repair

Prevent water hazards from happening before its too late. Our roof repair service will do the trick. Performed by top roofing contractors that know how to get it to proper working condition. Our roofing contractors have 13 years of experience are certified bonded and insured. Get a complete roof inspection today, contact us for details.


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