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Roof Replacement Overview

  • roof replacementA quality roof replacement, installed right the first time
  • View many options for colors and styles in shingles, slate, tile, metal, and shake
  • Get a complete work scope to review from our contractor before the installation is performed
  • Get your new roof installed fast, with as little downtime as possible
  • Quality workmanship, excellent customer service, fully insured & bonded

How do I know if I need a new roof?

When you're not sure about the condition of your roof, the first step is to have it inspected. A contractor will be able to understand it better, and can recommend options based on the damage found, if any. Most of the time, simple repairs can prevent the layers underneath your roof, from sustaining additional damage and help you avoid a roof replacement. Its always good to have a proactive approach about your roof, especially if you start to notice signs, like water spots in your ceiling, or high attic humidity. After all, a roof has a very important job, to protect your home, and all of the valuables that are inside.

There are many reason why a roof inspection is highly recommended. With the unprecedented weather we've been having lately, many areas throughout the countries are experiencing weather events that are not common. Extreme hail, and wind can have a devastating effect on your home. Professionals recommend that you have a roof inspected performed twice a year, and additionally after a bad weather event.

The Right Roof Replacement

roof replacement serviceWhen you're talking about getting a roof replacement, the whole process alone sounds overwhelming, not to mention costly. A bunch of extra worries start entering our mind, and its the same for all of us. After all, we all have homes and want the best for them.

We've satisfied customers for over 10 years, because of our honest approach to roof replacements. We don't replace a roof that doesn't need to be replaced. We offer several options that meet cost effective goals, or higher grade product goals depending on the what the homeowner is trying to achieve. And we always provide complete information in our work scope to you, so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

When you're in the market for a new roof, our contractor can perform an in-home demo demonstrating many material options and colors for you to think about. Get complete, and comprehensive information about manufacture warranties and more, so you can make the best decision on a new roof for your home.

roof-replacement-satisfaction guaranteeIn addition to providing you with an honest roof assessment, our goal from the time you choose us to do your roof replacement, to the time of job completion, is to make sure that all of the headaches are out of the process. We provide accurate start, and job completion dates, and schedule the job on dates and times thats best for you. Your informed throughout the process, and downtime is at a minimum.

We strive to give our customers the best customer experience possible at all time.

Siding & Gutters

View our large assortment of siding and gutter options. Complete repair and replacement service by our top roofing contractors. Siding specials offered with our roof replacement and roof installation service for maximum savings. Choose between vinyl stone veneer and much more. Gutter repairs and gutter guard installations available.

Roof Maintenance

A good maintenance service can save you a lot of money down the road. Let our professional roofing contractors tailor a plan specific to the roof type you have. With 13 years of experience of service of roof replacement service our roofing contractors can help prevent leaks replace loose shingles adjust a new roof installation, and more.

Roof Repair

Contact us to learn more about our roof repair options. Our roofing contractors can help you stop leaks, fix flashing, replace shingles, help with storm recovery, repair a roof installation and other services that will help you avoid a new roof replacement. Learn more about our 13 point inspection, contact one of our roofing contractors today.

Roof Replacement

A thorough roof installation and new roof package with options for shingles, wood shake, metal, and composite wood. Every layer installed correctly by our pro roofing contractors and backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. If you need a roof installation fast and within convenient scheduling times, contact us for details and get a free estimate and work scope.


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